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Energy Advantage Roofing and Solar

Energy Advantage Roofing and Solar

Our company is built on reliability, amazing customer service and always getting the job done to your exact specifications. On top of our core services, we can also handle the majority of the insurance claims process.

We cater to a wide range of clients, from large businesses to homeowners who want to leverage solar energy and even those who need to have insurance work done. We service clients in Boulder, Colorado Springs, Denver, Fort Collins, and other various areas in Colorado.

EA Team Leaders

Energy Advantage Roof & Solar Services

Jeremiah Broz


Mr. Broz is an entrepreneurial team builder with strategic planning expertise that offers a rich history of success.  He is best known for developing systems towards launching performance driven sales objectives, mitigating risk, driving expansion and growth plans, overseeing operational growth, developing strategy and tactics for future growth plans. He maintains a to build, motivate, and managing high performance sales teams.  Beyond business objectives he is a father of 2 wonderful girls, god fearing man, loyal friend and dedicated steward of overall positive vibes.


Anthony Cafarelli

Marketing Director

Anthony is the Director of Marketing for Energy Advantage. He oversees our campaigns and branding techniques, conducts research and analyzes trends in the world of solar energy to develop strategies while managing the cross platform utilization for all company media. 


Melanie Corona

Office Manager

Melanie is the Office Manager for Energy Advantage Roof and Solar. Melanie is a lover of dogs and you can always find her cuddling her three dogs. When Melanie is not at work she likes to visit historical landmarks, with her dogs. Melanie also enjoys traveling, her favorite getaway is Mexico. 


Josh Avila

Sales Manager

Josh is the Sales Manager for Energy Advantage Roof and Solar. Josh was born in El Paso, Texas but moved to Colorado in 2016. He has 3 well behaved dogs who love being taken on hikes. On his off time he enjoys going bowling and going out to the movies. Josh manages the Colorado Springs Branch and last year, him and his team brought in over 2 million dollars in company revenue. He is very goal orientated with his team and will always go the extra mile to help, employees and clients alike.


Cassie Johnson

Account Manager

Cassie Johnson is the Account Manager for Energy Advantage Roof and Solar. Cassie works on insurance supplements and other office tasks. When Cassie is not at work you can find her in the mountains. Cassie is an avid outdoors woman and her hobbies include anything related to the outdoors.


Sarah Blount

Financial Director

Sarah is the Financial Director for Energy Advantage Roof and Solar. She takes care of office work such as invoicing and being a liaison with insurance companies. When Sarah is not at work she is enjoying time with her family. Sarah enjoys the outdoors and watching her son play football. If she isn’t at the football field with her son you can find her in the gym.


Free Onsite Assessment

Would you like to determine if your home is ideal for solar panels? Energy Advantage Roof and Solar Services Ltd. can provide you with a comprehensive on-site assessment, free of charge.

We will visit your property and perform a detailed ocular of the whole site. That way, we can factor in all relevant aspects of the installation process, including positioning, generation, and space constraints.